Stand-up comedian, Actress, Writer

Who Is Brianna Murphy?


Brianna Murphy is a stand-up comedian currently based in Chicago, IL. Her comedy has best been described as "I don't know what the hell you're saying up there but I love it". With a mix of anecdotal absurdism and sassy realism, her comedy has often brought upon guttural laughs and amusement for many. 


Brianna Murphy has appeared on several podcasts, including the popular Lady to Lady podcast, Brendan Being Brendan, the Louis Katz Podcast, Best Date Ever Podcast, and You and Me And Thoughts and Talk by Doug Culp. 

Brianna started stand-up in Los Angeles, CA where she hosted a monthly showcase called Bear Fight with her co-host and co-producer Julia Loken. Since moving to Chicago she co-produced and hosted the show HAM! A Comedy Show at Chop Shop. 

In 2017, Brianna made her international debut at Angel Comedy in London. 

In 2018, Brianna was accepted into the Cream City Comedy Festival, which will be happening in May in Milwaukee, WI